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DavinAir LLC

Aircraft Broker located in Washington and Oklahoma

DavinAir LLC is a full service aircraft brokerage business located in Washington State.  Whether you are a buyer or seller, you will benefit from having a knowledgeable, experienced professional on your side to protect your interests.



I have worked in the aviation maintenance industry for almost 30 years and have an edge when evaluating airplanes. My extensive knowledge allows me to talk with buyers and sellers in aviation terms and about specifications specific to your aircraft.  I have successfully brokered aircraft sales that met or exceeded both the buyers and the sellers expectations. I also specialize in Aircraft Estate Sales. 


My Mission


I have a passion for airplanes and providing excellent customer service. You will enter into a transaction reassured by the fact that not only have I fully researched the aircraft involved but I have spent the time to understand your needs and I will be focused on your satisfaction.

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Proudly Serving: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Oklahoma