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Aircraft Sold


1985 Maule, MX-7 AFTT 1384, Engine TSMO 10, Prop TSMO 200, King KX-165, King KX-155, King KT76A Transponder, King KMA 24 Audio Panel, King KR 87 ADF, Century 11B Autopilot, HSI, Garmin GPS-150, PS Engineering Intercom, Micro Aerodynamics Vortex Generators, Glider Tow Kit, Float Kit Included with Purchase, Annual Due August 2015


1985 Maule

1999 Mooney M20M, TTSN 670, Engine TTSN 670, Prop TTSN 670, King KLN 94 IFR Approved Moving Map GPS, Dual King KX-155A, King KFC-150 Autopilot, PS Engineering PMA7000MS Audio Panel, BF Goodrich WX950 Stormscope, TKS De-Ice/Anti-Ice System, 115 Cu Ft. Factory Built-in Oxygen with Masks, Precise Flight Speed Brakes, Electric Standby Vacuum System, Dual Alternators

1999 Mooney M20M

1981 Piper 28-161 Warrior, 160 HP TTAF 13564, TSMO 541, Garmin 430, KX-155 Nav/Com, Intercom, Composite Spinner, Good Paint, and Interior, Complete Maintenance Records. Aircraft is Currently Going Through an Annual Inspection

1981 Piper 28-161 Warrior

1963 Cessna 150C, TTAT 1809, Tail Wheel Conversion, Horton STOL, Upgraded Engine 150 HP Lycoming O-320-E2D TSMO 396, Garmin 250 XL GPS/COM, Garmin GTX 320 Transponder, PS Engineering Intercom, Texas Ranger Long-Range Fuel Tanks, Shoulder Harness, Bracket Air Filter, Strobe Lights, Cleveland Wheels and Brakes, Aileron and Flap Gap Seals, Ready for Paint, Needs Several Interior Panels and Carpet. Annual Completed in September 2014

1963 Cessna 150C

1976 Cessna 185F Floatplane, TTAF 2342 Factory New Continental IO-550-D20B TTSN 44, Factory New McCauley Three-Blade Prop TTSN 44, Horton STOL, Horton Aileron and Flap Gap Seals, ECI Fuel Flow/Pressure, Air Research Wing Extensions, Garmin 480, King KX 155, Garmin GTX 330 Mode S Transponder, King KMA 24 Audio Panel, Total Fuel Capacity 75 Gal, IFR Certified

1976 Cessna 185F Floatplane

1970 Cessna A150K Aerobat, AFTT 3483, Continental O-200-A TSMO 1342, Garmin SL 40, Terra Tri-Nav, PS Engineering Audio Panel, King KT76A Transponder, AutoGas STC. Paint and Interior are in Excellent Condition

1970 Cessna A150K Aerobat

1960 PA-24-180 Comanche, AFTT 4438 Engine TSMO 638, TKM MX-11 Comm. RADAIR 360 VHF, RAIDAR 200 NAV, Narco AT 50 Transponder, Narco ADF-31A, Narco AR-850 Altitude Reporter, King KMA 20 Audio Panel, 4 Cylinder CHT. New Interior 2013

1960 PA-24-180 Comanche

1958 PA-24-250, TTAF 5480 Engine TSMO 675 Prop TSMO 675 King KX-155, King KX-170B, King DME, Narco Transponder, King Audio Panel, 4 Place Intercom, Interior Installed 2001, All Glass Replaced 2008, Single Piece Windshield, Tip Tanks, Oxygen System, Ski Tube, Bungee Cords Replaced in 2008, No Corrosion

Sold Aircraft

1966 Cessna 172H,  TT 10,438 Upgraded Engine to 180 HP Lycoming O-360-AIA TSMO 953, Hartzel Constant Speed Prop TSMO 1171, King KX170B/KX175B, Narco AT150 Transponder, Rudder Trim, IFR Panel, Seats Newly Upholstered, 4 Place Intercom, Wheel Pants Included.

Sold Aircraft

1979 Beech C23 Sundowner, TTAF 3104 TSMO 173 Collins VHF-251 Com, Collins VIR-351 NAV, Collins AMR-350 Audio Panel, Collins TDR-950 Transponder, King KN-62A DME, S-TEC Single Axis Autopilot

1979 Beech C23 Sundowner - SOLD

1979 Beech Sundowner,  2817 TTAF, Lycoming O-360 TSMO 778, Dual King KX 170B, King KMA 20 Audio Panel, King KT76 Transponder, Split Tail Cone

1979 Beech Sundowner - SOLD

1966 Piper Cherokee 180,  AFTT 3428, Engine TSMO 1730, Prop TSMO 943, NAV/COM TKM 70B, DME Narco 890, Transponder Narco AT 50, Audio Panel KNA 20, Piper Autocontrol III Autopilot, CHT/EGT Scanner

1966 Piper Cherokee 180 - SOLD

1977 Grumman American AA-1C Lynx, TTAF 2273, 150 HP O-320 Engine TTSN 904, NAV COM King KX 170B, Narco Com 120, King KT76A Transponder, Red Lexan Rudder Tip, Extended Range Fuel Tanks, Composite Spinner, B+C Starter, Split Nose Bowl, Split Engine Cowling, Landing Gear Wheel Fairings, GARMIN GPS 296 Included

1977 Grumman American AA-1C Lynx

1975 Cessna 182P, AFTT 3490, Air Plains IO-520D TSMO 892, Prop TSN 892, Garmin CNX-80/GNS-480 COMM/GPS/WAAS, King KX-155 NAV/COMM, King KT-76a Transponder, JPI EDM 700 Engine Monitor, S-TEC 30 Autopilot (alt hold) with GPSS Converter (roll steering upgrade), Wingtip Strobes, Horton Flap Gap Seals, Micro Vortex Generators. AEROX Portable Oxygen System (4 Place), Inflatable Door Seals, Soros Fresh Air Vents, Rosen Sun Visors, Signotronics 4 Place Intercom, Secondary Seat Stop, Leather Interior from 1998, Paint 1997, Fancy Pants Speed Wheel Fairings

1975 Cessna 182P


1980 Cessna 172N,TTAF 5782, Engine 180 HP O-360-A4M TSMO 20, Garmin GNS 430, TKM MX235, Garmin GTX 430 Transponder, Dynon D1 Standby ADI, LED Landing Lights

  1980 Cessna 172N
1982 Cessna R182 / 182RG, AFTT 6936, Engine TSMO 425, Prop TSMO 425, Garmin GNS 430 NAV/COMM, Garmin SL 30 NAV/COM, Garmin MX20 Multi-function Display, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, S-TEC 40 Autopilot with GPSS Roll Steering, Garmin GDL Weather Datalink/XM Radio, Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel, JPI Fuel Flow, Leather Seats

   1982 Cessna R182

1965 Cessna 180H, AFTT 6418, Engine TSMO 1199, Garmin 796 GPS, Garmin 296, Garmin 250XL NAV/COM, TKM MX170 NAV/COM, Stratus ESG ADSB Transponder, King KMA-20 Audio Panel, LED Landing Light, LED Taxi Light, Wingtip High-Intensity Lights, Wingtip Pulse Lights, Whelen Anti-Collision Strobe Lights, Extended Range Tanks, Retractable Tail Assist Handles, Entry Door Gas Struts, Shoulder Harnesses, Engine Mount Heat Shields, P Ponk Main Gear Leg Reinforcement Angles, Locking Tail Wheel, Rosen Sun Visors, Graphic Engine Monitor, iPad Mount 1965 Cessna 180H
1979 Cessna 172N,  AFTT 2138, Engine 180HP O-360 TSMO 836, Dual TKM MX 385 Nav Com, Narco DME 890, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, GARMIN 295 GPS, Cessna Audio Panel, Rosen Sunvisors, Extended Baggage Compartment, BAS Inertia Shoulder Harness Seat Belts, Reiff Cylinder Band Heater That is Mated to an Oil Pan Heater Pad, 4-place Intercom, Skytech Lightweight Starter, Wheel Pants, Bruce’s Cover, Cowl Plugs 1979 Cessna Sold
1968 Aero Commander 100, AFTT 2111, Engine O-320 TSN 2111, Garmin GNC 250XL Nav/Comm. Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, LED Landing light, LED Strobe, New Elevator Tips, and Dorsal Fin, Seats Recovered and Have New Foam, New Battery, Ignition Harness, Spark Plugs, Vacuum Pump, and Overhauled Magnetos 1968 Aero Commander 100 Sold
1959 Piper Comanche,250 AFTT 5579, Lycoming O-540 TSMO 860, Prop TSN 100, Avidyne 540 Integrated Flight Display GPS WAAS, MLB-100 ADSB Receiver and Antenna, Sandia Gyro Horizon, Avidyne IFD 540 GPS NAV COM, Avidyne AXP-340 Transponder, Electronics International Tachometer, Electronics International Manifold Pressure Gauge, Alpha Aviation Shoulder Harnesses, and Seat Belts, Landing Gear Bungee Cords Replaced 11/2015, ELT Remote Switch, Rudder Balance Weight. Aircraft Painted in 2015 and Interior 4/2015 1959 Piper Comanche Sold
1950 Cessna 140A,IFR Certified, TTAF 4330, Continental O-200 TSMO 1843, KX 155 Nav/ Com, KNI 209 VOR/ILS Indicator, KT76A Transponder, PS 1000 Intercom, Marker Beacon, Cleveland Brakes and Wheels, Scott 3200 tail wheel, Custom Wheel Pants, Circuit Breaker Panel, Avionics Switch Circuit Breaker, Avionics Fan, Heated Pitot, Backup Electric Turn and Bank, Electrical Voltage Gauge, Vacuum Suction Gauge, Airborne Pump Vacuum System, Directional Gyro, Cylinder Head Temp, Manifold Pressure Gauge, Custom Glare Shield with Rheostat Instrument lighting, Ramshorn Style Yokes, Whelen Strobes Wing Tips and Tail, 50 Amp Alternator, Spin-On Oil Filter, Sky-Tec Light Weight Starter 1950 Cessna 140A
1979 Cessna 172 XP II, TTAF 6589, 210 HP Continental I0-360 TSMO 1865, Prop TSMO 364, MX-385 Nav/Coms, 300 Transponder, King KN-64 DME, King KLN-90A GPS, Cessna 300 Audio Panel, Aileron and Flap Gap Seals, RH & LH Hinged Windows, Vertically Adjustable Seats, EI EGT/CHT Engine Compressions 1 79/80, 2 78/80, 3 78/80, 4 76/80, 5 79/80, 6 79/80 1979 Cessna 172 XP
1984 Cessna 172RG,  TTAF 11870, Engine TSFR 468, Propeller TSMO 468, Garmin 650, Garmin 430W, Dual G5's (AI & HSI), GI-106A CDI, FlightStream 210, GTX 345 ADS-B In/Out Transponder, and GMA 340 Audio Panel. Ryan 9900BX TCAD, STEC 30 Autopilot, JPI EDM 700 W/Fuel Flow, Sportsman STOL KIT, CIES Digital Fuel Senders, Aerospace Logic Engine Gauges, 2x Appareo USB, Rosen Sun Visors 1984 Cessna 172RG


1974 Cessna 172M AFTT 5155. Engine TSMO 927, TKM MX300 Nav/Com, ICON IC-A200 Comm, all new interior plastic 2022, inertial Reel Shoulder Harnesses. Rear and side windows replaced 2018, Rosen sun visors.

1972 Piper PA-28-140, AFTT 3387, Engine 160HP TSMO 816, Terra TKN 960 Nav/Com, Narco Transponder 1972 Piper Sold
1963 Cessna 210D, AFTT 2605, Engine Continental IO-520 TSN 43, Collins NAV/COM, Collins Transponder, Collins Audio Panel, 6 Passenger, .250 Thickness Windshield 1963 Cessna 210D
1975 Cessna 172M AFTT 4066, Engine Lycoming O-320 TSMO 970, Nav Com Narco MK 12D, King KX-170B, Transponder Garmin GTX-327, ADS-B Out Compliant. 1975 Cessna
1963 Piper PA-23 Apache Geronimo 235   AFTT 7401 Left Engine TSMO  1531 Right Engine TSMO  1531 Narco MK12N NAV/COM, King KX170B NAV/COM, KMD 150 GPS, Narco Transponder, Tip Tanks, one-piece windshield, Shadin-Digiflo Fuel Management system, Aux Electric Hyd Pump, 1963 Piper
1959 PA-24 Comanche, Family owned since 1966, AFTT 3612, Factory Remanufactured Lycoming O-540 TSN 128 MT 3-blade composite propeller TSN 128, Garmin 430WAAS GPS NavCom, Aspen EFD1000, Garmin SL30 NavCom, S-Tec 30 Autopilot with Altitude Hold and GPSS, Garmin 796 panel mounted GPS moving map with XM weather, Integrated to GNS430, Avidyne TAS 600 active traffic system, Garmin GTX330ES transponder with ADS-B, Garmin 106A CDI, Garmin 340 audio panel, Ron and Jon instrument panel conversion with all flight instruments replaced 2012, EI FP5 fuel flow, Davtron clock’ 406 Emergency Locator Beacon 1959 PA-24 Comanche Sold
1960 Piper Comanche 250 AFTT 2219,  Engine TSMO 1172 Narco CO 135 Nav/ Com, Narco AT50A transponder, Apollo GX60 GPS 1960 Piper Comanche
1966 Cherokee 140  AFTT 4567  Engine TSMO 10, TKM MX300 Nav Com, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder 1966 Cherokee 140 - SOLD

1968 Cessna 177 AFTT 3883, Engine TSMO 1403,  King KX 125 Nav Com, King 170B Nav Com, Stratus transponder, King KN75 Gide Slope, Terra TMA 340 Audio Panel, EI engine monitor EGT, EI Digital Tachometer, Digital Fuel Flow Meter, Exhaust Faring, RE designs Lower Engine Cowl Fairing, Micro Vortex Generators, Remote oil Filter, Barton Fuel Caps, Alternate vacuum source

1968 Cessna 177 - Sold
2011 Vans RV-7A  AFTT 400, Engine Lycoming 360 TSMO 395, Nav/Com king Kx155, IFly GPS, King KT76A Transponder Sold Vans RV
1999 Emeraude CP323A  AFTT 380, Lycoming O-320 TSMO 380, New ICOM IC-A210 Comm, Avionics Shop Installed King KT-76A Transponder, Navidad AP-1 autopilot, Electric trim, GPS capable, Wheel pants included, ADS-B Compliant, Complete build records. 1999 Emeraude CP323A  AFTT 380
1977 Bellanca Citabria 7ECA TTAF & Eng: 1476, TSTOH 500, Icom IC-A-200 flip flop com, King KT76A transponder, Garmin 296 GPS Dynon D-1 attitude display with GPS magnetic track groundspeed altitude and V/S, PS PM 1000 intercom, Landing gear U Bolt upgrade, Newer carpet & seats, ADSB in & out, LED position lights, Separate front & rear seat heat, Skylight window, Bubble side windows, Toe brakes, Casper Labs oil filter STC, Fuse to CB upgrade, DC power plug. 1977 Bellanca Citabria
1996 Cozy Classic 3 seat, TTAF 832, Engine Lycoming O-360 with E-Mags TSMO 723, NAV/Com King KX 155, NAV/COM Garmin GNC 250 VFR GPS, Dynon D60 EFIS, Stratus ESG ADS-B, Track/wing-leveler, WX-8 storm scope, RST audio panel, Catto 3-blade prop, Electric retractable nose gear.
2003 Van’s RV-6 AFTT 424 Engine TSN 424.  King KX 134 Nav Com, King KT 76A transponder,  King KA 134 audio panel, Visions Microbe Digital Engine indicating system, Flight com intercom.  2003 Van’s RV-6 AFTT 424
2003 American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer AFTT 920, Engine TSN 920,Garmin GTR 225 Com, Garmin Aera 660, Garman GTX 345 WAAS GPS with ADS-B In and Out, Electronics international EAC-1 EGT/CHT/OAT,  8.5 x 6 tires, vortex generators. 2003 American Champion
1979 Mooney 231 AFTT 3622,  Engine TSMO 777,  King KMA 20 Nav/Com, King 175B Nav/Com, King KR 85 ADF, King KNS-80 Area navigation system, Autopilot, Turbo Charger Intercooler, Precise flight speed brakes,  ECI Engine Monitor, Mooney oxygen system, Whelen wingtip strobes, Stratus ADS-B out, Shaden Fuel Flow, 1979 Mooney 231 AFTT 3622